Administration, Education, & Promotion

Policy development and legislation, tobacco tax programs, substance abuse, dental and nutrition services and more.

ADHS Director's Office Human Resources, Office of
Administrative Counsel and Rules Infectious Disease Epidemiology
AIDS Drug Asst. Program (ADAP) Infectious Disease Services, Office of
Arizona J-1 Visa Waiver Program Investigation & Surveillance Section
  Lead Poisoning Prevention Program
AZ Immunization Program Office  
AZ Loan Repayment Program Medical Director (BHS), Office of
AZ Medically Underserved Areas (AZMUAs) Medically Underserved Areas/Populations (MUAs/MUPs)
AZ Primary Care Area Statistical Profiles National Health Service Corps
AZ State Immunization Information System Non-Renal Transplant Medication Program
Communicable Disease Information Obesity Prevention Program
Communicable Diseases Data Oral Health
Communicable Diseases Epidemiology Oral Health Dental Sealant Program

County Health Departments

Diabetes Program Pesticide Poisoning Prevention Program
Disaster Response Planning & Quality Improvement, Office of
Employee Recognition/
Employee Services
Employment Information Pool Safety
EMS for Children Prevention Bulletin
EMS Training Programs/Courses Prevention Services (BHS), Office of
Environmental Health Consultation
Environmental Health, Office of  
Epidemic Detection and Response
Provider Reporting of Communicable Diseases
Epidemiology & Disease Control, Bureau of  
Equal Opportunity, Office of Public Information, Office of
Food Safety & Environmental Services Section Quality Management & Evaluation (BHS), Bureau of
Grievance & Appeals (BHS)/Consumer Rights Reportable Diseases
Health Professional Shortage Areas (HPSAs) Sanitarians' Council
Health Systems Development, Bureau of Sexually Transmitted Disease Program
Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI)
and Antibiotic Resistance
SunWise School Program
Healthy Aging Liaison  
  Tobacco and Chronic Disease, Bureau of
Healthy Communities Training (Employee), Office of
Hepatitis C Prevention Tuberculosis Control Program
HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) Vector-Borne Zoonotic Disease
HIV/AIDS Services, Office of Well Woman HealthCheck Program