Bureau of Child Care Licensing

Provider Information

The licensing section below includes links to applications as well as forms intended to help providers maintain compliance with Arizona regulatory requirements. The references section provides links to forms and other websites containing information and resources helpful to providers. For additional questions, please contact your local licensing office.




Informational Videos

These informational videos are intended for new child care center providers to learn more about how to maintain compliance with Arizona regulatory requirements:

  • Files/Paperwork
    A general overview of the paperwork that will be reviewed related to inspections required from other agencies and Staff and Children’s record requirements for Child Care Centers.
  • Outdoor Areas
    A general overview of the licensing requirements for Outdoor Activity Areas including fencing, resilient surfacing, age appropriate equipment and health and safety concerns for Child Care Centers.
  • Infant Classrooms
    A basic overview of infant classroom standards and general diapering information for Child Care Centers.
  • Diaper Changing Areas
    The content of this video is specific to diaper changing requirements including containers, sink usage, water source information and postings for Child Care Centers.
  • General Classroom Responsibilities
    A review of basic Physical Plant information, toilet and hand washing, square footage requirements, classroom posting information and age appropriate equipment for Child Care Centers.