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Division of Licensing Services

Trainings, Exercises & Collaboratives

Public Health Licensing Services is focused on improving the health and safety of Arizonans. Trainings, exercises and collaboratives are an opportunity to network with our partners, address health and safety issues, provide technical assistance, learn innovative ideas and best practices.

2013 ADVICE Collaborative

On May 17, 2013, the Division of Licensing Services and the Arizona HAI program hosted an all day meeting to build strategic partnerships between dialysis providers, ESRD networks, and public health professionals and to stimulate and support significant improvement in infection control in dialysis care.

2013 ADVICE Collaborative Summary Report


  • Develop an understanding of issues related to infection control and prevention within Arizona's ESRD providers.
  • Identify priority items related to infection control within the ESRD facilities
  • Build and foster relationships between the ESRD Network, renal associations, dialysis providers, and public health.
  • Strengthen communication related to infection control and prevention between the dialysis providers and public health.


Note: Information above provided in PDF files.