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Arizona Diabetes Program

Arizona Diabetes Coalition

The Arizona Diabetes Coalition hF Widget is now LIVE! Widget can be applied to fit the needs of your organization. The widget provides educational materials on prevention and wellness, awareness, adherence, and treatments for persons with diabetes. Literature is also available in Spanish for your view.

The purpose of the Arizona Diabetes Coalition is to reduce the burden of diabetes on individuals, families, communities, the health care system, and Arizona. This is done by increasing awareness of diabetes, advocating for and promoting policies and programs that improve access to care, treatment, and outcomes for people with diabetes and those at risk for developing diabetes.

The Coalition is guided by the Arizona Diabetes Strategic Plan, 2008-2013 and, effective January 1, 2006, operates according to by-laws.

Any individual or organization with an interest in diabetes and a commitment to the goals and purposes of the coalition are invited to join. Please email us to become a member.

Coalition Work Groups

The Coalition has five standing work groups. Ad hoc work groups may be appointed or dissolved for special purposes with the concurrence of the Leadership Council.

  1. Advocacy Work Group - Participate in Advocacy efforts to make DSMT/E available to all persons with diabetes in Arizona
  2. Diabetes Self-Management Work Group - Advancement of increased utilization of the recognized/accredited DSMT programs in Arizona
  3. Prediabetes Work Group - Actively raises awareness of prediabetes and support evidence based prevention programs
  4. Electronic Health Record Work Group - Learn and understand the role of the Electronic Health Record and its potential impact in the provision of medical care and services including Diabetes Self-Management Training (DSMT)
  5. SALUD Work Group - (Supporting Action for Latinos Against Diabetes) is dedicated to mobilizing the assets of the greater Phoenix metropolitan area to reduce the impact of diabetes in the Hispanic/Latino population.

For work group meeting information, please email us.

  • Guidelines for Food at Meetings
    The Arizona Diabetes Coalition, whose members are experts and leaders in the field of diabetes in Arizona, promotes healthy eating and lifestyles for all people. In order to "walk the walk" the Diabetes Leadership Council adopted and approved the American Diabetes Association meal guidance.
  • Arizona Adult Diabetes Practice Guide
    The Arizona Diabetes Coalition adapted and adopted the American Diabetes Coalition Clinical Practice Recommendations to prepare this guide. The Coalition supports the guide and works to ensure that all Arizonans with diabetes receive the proper care and treatment.

Leadership Council

The activities of the Arizona Diabetes Coalition are conducted under the direction of the Leadership Council.

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