Arizona State Hospital

Campus Tours

Community Groups Welcome to Tour the State Hospital

The Arizona State Hospital, as a publicly supported institution, provides the opportunity for concerned citizens, health care professionals, interns or students, legislative or law enforcement committees or groups to tour areas of the hospital.

A tour of the hospital grounds may include a pre-tour presentation/discussion and a tour of the exterior grounds only (not entering buildings and treatment areas), dependent on the group, the group's professional discipline, and the purpose of the tour.

Hospital tours must be pre-arranged by appointment. Tours are not available June through August. A minimum of two weeks advance notice is required and a Tour Request FormWord must be completed and returned to the Hospital.

Information requested on the tour request form includes:

  1. Name of Individual or Group
    • Number of persons
    • Group minimum size is six and a maximum of twelve (approximates)
  2. Purpose/Reason for Tour
    • General Tour: consists of touring hospital grounds and interpretative history
    • Educational Tour: must be topic or purpose-driven
    • Special Tours: conducted for oversight committees, legislative or law enforcement committees
  3. Preferred date and time, with at least two alternatives
  4. Areas the group wishes to tour
  5. Telephone number, e-mail address, and mailing address of person requesting tour

All tours must be approved by the Chief Executive Officer or designee. Please e-mail your completed Tour Request FormWord to State Hospital Tours.

You may contact us at (602) 220-6000 to schedule a tour or to obtain further information.