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Arizona State Hospital

Contact Us

Chief Executive Officer
Donna Noriega
Phone: (602) 220-6000
Chief Medical Officer
Lauren T. Bonner, M.D.
Phone: (602) 220-6007
Chief Operating Officer
Ryan Hoffmeyer, MBA
Phone: (602) 220-6006
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
Director, Arizona Community Protection & Treatment Center (ACPTC);
Bruce McMorran
Phone: (602) 220-6482
Director, Treatment Planning Services
Deborah Desprois
Phone:(602) 220-6178
Chief Nursing Officer
Noreen J. Vanca, R.N., M.S.
Phone:(602) 220-6102
Chief Quality Officer
Jennifer Alewelt, MBA, Esq.
Phone: (602) 629-7026
Hospital Chaplain
Rev. Frank S. Croley, M.Div., S.T.M., BCP
Phone:(602) 220-6190
Director, Rehabilitation Services
Jacqueline Tisler, CTR
Phone: (602) 220-6171
Director, Social Work
Laura Kandel, MSW, LCSWC
Phone: (602) 220-6446
Medical Recruiter
Emilia Stewart
Phone: (602) 220-6319
Volunteer Services
Training and Education
Phone:(602) 629-7373
Division Finance Officer
Amy Herchet, CPA
Phone: (602) 220-6393
Human Resources Manager
Sky Mills
Phone:(602) 220-6428
Patient Rights Ombudsman
Alisa Martinez
Health Information Management
Jolene Schlichter, RHIA
Phone: (602)220-6083
Psychology Administrator
John St. Clair, Ph.D.
Phone:(602) 220-6509