Arizona State Hospital

Operating Values

These operating values were adopted in April 1999.

I. Organizational Challenges ("Internal & external demands")

  1. The "people" of Arizona State Hospital are drawn from many backgrounds, beliefs, cultures, experiences, and training.
  2. There is no guaranteed successful approach for the treatment of persons who suffer from mental illnesses or disabilities.
  3. The public mental health system exists in an ever-changing environment, which produces conflicting priorities, issues and demands.
  4. Arizona State Hospital is an institutional environment.
  5. The work of mental health is "people sensitive," and people have differing priorities, values, and operating styles.
  6. Arizona State Hospital is a public facility which operates in an environment of external scrutiny with limited resources to accomplish its broad mission.
  7. The work is continuing, demanding and stressful.

II. Values ("Conceptions of the desirable")

  1. We celebrate and are enriched by our diversity. We strive to show interest and respect in each other. We ensure that our patient treatment and care, and staff management activities are performed in a culturally competent and respectful manner.
  2. We continuously strive to improve knowledge, understanding and skill.
  3. We are goals-centered and are flexible in negotiating solutions. We maintain our resilience in dealing with conflicting priorities and demands.
  4. We strive to protect, enhance and maintain the dignity and individuality of those we serve.
  5. We maintain ethical and moral standards.
  6. We display a mutual commitment to the organization's objectives and activities.
  7. We are responsible for maintaining our own well-being, and for providing assistance and support to one another.

III. Personal Behaviors ("Observable actions")

  1. We display our continuing commitment to incorporating cultural affirmation and respect into our daily treatment, care, supervisory and management processes and practices.
  2. Our decisions and actions are patient-centered and are driven by state-of-the-art information.
  3. We are sensitive to the effects that changing demands and priorities have on our patients and their loved ones, colleagues, superiors, subordinates and ourselves.
  4. We treat everyone with respect and dignity. We support and recognize the needs and accomplishments of patients, staff and the community.
  5. We are candid and forthright with each other. We resolve differences in a constructive, facilitative and positive manner and strive to sustain effective individual and team-working relationships. We share the workload and help each other.
  6. We serve as "ambassadors" in representing Arizona State Hospital by supporting and being dedicated to fulfilling the responsibilities of the organization. We continuously focus on achieving goals, objectives, commitments and timelines.
  7. We display an awareness of how personal stress affects our work, and how work stressors affect our personal lives.