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Patient & Family Info

Information is available for the following patient care services and departments:

The hospital's goal is to ensure that, in every aspect of treatment delivery, staff identify educational opportunities and provide information, education and resources to the patient, the patient's family and involved community representatives. Educational materials and resources are evaluated to identify opportunities for continuous quality improvement.

Patient, family and community education is provided by the Hospital to:

  • Improve knowledge of psychiatric disorders and how to effectively treat their conditions;
  • Help patients and their families in making informed choices about treatment alternatives and services available;
  • Communicate the latest information about the most effective treatments available;
  • Provide support and coping techniques for coping with the symptoms and effects of mental illness and promote principles demonstrated to improve the chances for recovery;
  • Translate successful skills and approaches for dealing with individual patients to other care-giver; and
  • Help patients understand their rights and responsibilities.

Patient, family and community education is continually promoted throughout a patient's stay. It begins at the time of admission when information is shared with each patient to explain his or her rights and responsibilities, fees, family notification/involvement as well as hospital services, programs and rules, including information on visits and rules on contraband. Each patient is provided with a folder containing patient educational information. If lost or misplaced, this information is contained in a Patient Education Binder that is maintained on each unit.

During initial assessment and during the development of the Inpatient Treatment and Discharge Plan, the patient's learning needs and readiness for education is assessed. The patient's age, ethnicity, social background, educational level, language, and physical, emotional and intellectual limitations are reviewed to determine the appropriate plan and mechanism for providing education.

A variety of materials and therapeutic activities are used during treatment, including a question-and-answer forum for patients and their families during the treatment plan review process, and a patient/staff library on site.