Arizona State Hospital


Department of Nursing Mission Statement

The mission of the Nursing Department of the Arizona State Hospital is to demonstrate a standard of professional accountability and competency in the individualized assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of care for the patient as a whole. As a pivotal part of the interdisciplinary treatment team, nursing provides a unique component of care that restores and enhances the quality of life by maximizing individual growth of the patient.

Facts about the Nursing Department

Nursing staff members function in collaboration with other members of the treatment team, including the Psychiatrist, Medical Physician, Social Worker, Psychologist, Rehabilitation Specialist, Pharmacist, Dietician, Community Clinical Case manager and various support personnel to develop a plan of care for each patient.

The Nursing staff provides direct patient care on 13 treatment units divided into 5 treatment programs:

  • Forensic Program Pre-Trial (Wick 1, Wick 2, Wick 3)
    Adult Forensic Restoration to Competency
  • Forensic Psychiatric Treatment Program (Wick 4, Wick 5, Community Reintegration Unit)
    Post-Trial Forensic Adults
  • Rehabilitation Program (Civil Hospital--Desert Sage, Palo Verde East, Ironwood 1st floor)
    Adult Psychosocial Rehabilitation
  • Medical/Rehabilitation Program (Civil Hospital--Palo Verde North)
    Adult Psychiatric Treatment with focus on patients who are medically or functionally compromised

The scope of primary nursing care is based on the following psychiatric and mental health nursing practice standards, as stated by the American Nurses Association.
These include the following:

  • Assessment/Diagnosis/Planning/Implementation
  • Self-care activities
  • Counseling
  • Health promotion/health maintenance
  • Psychobiological interventions
  • Advocacy
  • Intake screening/evaluation
  • Health teaching
  • Milieu therapy
  • Crisis intervention