Arizona State Hospital

Pharmacy Services

Pharmacy Services Mission Statement

The mission of the Arizona State Hospital Pharmacy is to provide services that contribute to optimal pharmaceutical care for all patients served by Arizona State Hospital. Pharmacists will provide patient-centered and population-based care that optimizes medication therapy to manage health care system resources to improve therapeutic outcomes, and to promote health improvement, wellness and disease prevention.

The Pharmacy's goal is to participate as a member of the health care team to ensure safe and effective medication therapy and optimal patient outcomes. Our responsibilities include medication preparation and distribution, medication monitoring, and provision of information for patients and their families.

The Role of Pharmacy Services

Pharmacists play an integral role in patient and family education by educating the patient, as appropriate, about the following:

  • specific medications
  • the need to take medications as ordered
  • ways to help improve patient compliance
  • the identity of the medication and how it works
  • intended benefits of the medication
  • how and when to administer the medication
  • side effects to expect and ways to deal with these side effects
  • allergies
  • precautions to take
  • possible drug interactions
  • storage requirements

Pharmacy Educational Services

Diabetes Education

Weekly Diabetes Education classes are offered for all diabetic and metabolic syndrome patients. Patients are educated about learning to live with diabetes, the basics of eating properly to help control their diabetes, the importance of physical activity and exercise, oral medications, insulin, how to monitor their diabetes, avoiding long-term complications, and personal health habits. (Provided by the Rehabilitation Department Patient Educator, assisted by Pharmacy Services)

Cardiovascular Education

Weekly Cardiovascular Education classes are offered to all patients with hypertension, dyslipidemia, congestive heart failure and other cardiovascular diseases. Patients are educated about hypertension, ways to help control their blood pressure, dyslipidemia, cholesterol goals. congestive heart failure, angina, heart attacks, stroke, and eating for a healthier heart. (Provided by the Rehabilitation Department Patient Educator, assisted by Pharmacy Services)

Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C education is offered to all patients at Arizona State Hospital. Educational topics include transmission of Hepatitis C, management and treatment of Hepatitis C, and symptom management. (Provided by the Rehabilitation Department Patient Educator, assisted by Pharmacy Services)

New Medication Counseling

Medication and disease state counseling is offered to all patients newly started on
asthma medications, medications for diabetes and anticoagulant medications. (Provided by Pharmacy Services)

Discharge Counseling

Medication discharge counseling is offered to all patients when appropriate. (Provided by Pharmacy Services)

Pain Management

Patient satisfaction surveys regarding pain management are conducted on all patients
placed on routine or p.m. pain medications. (Provided by Pharmacy Services)

Fall Assessment and Education

Patients determined to be a high risk for falls are assessed and educated by pharmacists regarding fall prevention. (Provided by Pharmacy Services)

Medication Education Pamphlets

Medication Education pamphlets are available on a wide variety of medications commonly prescribed and targeted high-risk medications. (Provided by Pharmacy Services)

Individual patient counseling sessions are available upon request.