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New Employee Training Plan

The New Employee Training Plan refers to all required training activities for new employees (Nutrition Educators). This includes the supervisory and observation activities to be completed by trainers. Arizona WIC requires all training activities to be successfully completed and documented according to the instructions in the New Employee Training Plan Instructional Guidebook within the first six months of employment.

New Employee Training Plan (updated August 2015)

The main components for WIC new employee training are:

  1. Phase One: The 8-12 Week Training Timeline
    Includes courses and training activities necessary for all WIC Certified Professional Authorities (CPA) in the Arizona WIC Program. WIC CPAs include NES, CNW, CNE, Nutritionist, and Registered Dietitian Nutritionists. Consult Nutrition Services Consultant if extenuating circumstances require more than 12 weeks to complete Phase One activities.
  2. Blended Learning Guidebooks (accompany LMS courses)
  3. Phase Two: Monthly Observations, Chart Reviews (until the 6th month of employment)
    Begins upon completion of Phase One activities and continues until the end of the sixth month of employment. The Trainer will continue to provide feedback and additional training as needed.
  4. Final Comprehensive Evaluations (sixth month)

In-person Trainings

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