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Division of Behavioral Health Services

Efficiency Committee


The DBHS Efficiency Committee (EC) was created to promote a culture of paperwork reduction and efficiency within ADHS/DBHS. Immediate priorities included developing a work plan to establish priorities based on the recommendations made by the original committee and to become a filter to improve efficiency and reduce paper creep at all levels of the behavioral health system.


  • Claudia Sloan, Special Projects Administrator
  • Dara Stewart, Clinical Auditor, QM

Who is the DBHS Efficiency Committee?

The DBHS Efficiency Committee consists of representatives from each of the functional areas including DBHS leadership at the Division of Behavioral Health in order to incorporate all ideals into a solution-based forum.

Work Plan

The Committee has worked to create a work plan that leads the Division towards a common goal:

Reduce the paperwork burden and redundancies within the public behavioral health system to:

  • foster increased workforce satisfaction and retention
  • increase time available for clinical supervision
  • increase time available for face-to-face interaction with consumers

DBHS EC Meeting Minutes

Ad Hoc Committees

The EC Work Plan incorporates the use of Ad Hoc Committees for a more focused approach in addressing recommendations made by the Paperwork Reduction Committee directly to DBHS.  Additionally, it allows for more efficient use of Committee member time during meetings. The Ad Hoc Committees are:

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