Division of Behavioral Health Services

Cultural Competence

The Arizona Department of Health Services/Division of Behavioral Health Services (ADHS/DBHS) has achieved several meaningful goals in regards to planning, designing, and implementing diverse initiatives to promote the inclusion of cultural values and traditions at all levels of care provided statewide. In the past, ADHS/DBHS has devoted its efforts in the development of a comprehensive Cultural Competency program involving state contractors as well as other stakeholders, community members, services providers, and community based organizations. ADHS/DBHS focused on leading initiatives that have had an important impact on the provision of Behavioral Health services.

Through methods of data collection and community collaboration, ADHS/DBHS has determined that many disparities and/or gaps still exist with regard to tradition, cultural believes, diverse cultures, and race/ ethnicity being included as vital elements in quality of care and effectiveness of services provided. Therefore, ADHS/DBHS has determined that it is time to focus efforts on data driven outcomes and apply new initiatives and programs to provide a comprehensive range of inclusive and high quality services for all the underserved/underrepresented populations identified within Arizona’s geographical regions.

The resources found on this page are meant to provide T/RBHAs, behavioral health providers, and behavioral health recipients with access to:

  • ADHS/DBHS Cultural Competency Initiatives;
  • Resources to assist in the delivery of culturally competent behavioral health services; and
  • Research on issues related to cultural competency.

Additional annual reports can be found on our Annual Reports page.

ADHS/DBHS Cultural Competency Initiatives

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