Behavioral Health System Performance Framework and Dashboard


Behavioral Health Outcomes Framework

The Behavioral Health Performance Framework is a collection of key metrics that illustrate the operations and outcomes of behavioral health activities throughout the State of Arizona. It was developed by ADHS/DBHS staff, peers, and behavioral health professionals to serve several purposes:

  • Enhancing Transparency
    The Framework provides the general public, individuals and families, behavioral health providers and other stakeholders with information on the performance of Arizona's public behavioral health system.
  • Enhancing Accountability
    The Framework is a comprehensive, statewide source for public behavioral health system data. This Framework displays a statewide and cross-RBHA comparison of performance and outcomes. Accountability to the quality of services and individual and family satisfaction with the system's performance are emphasized and enhanced through the Framework.
  • Enhancing Planning
    By covering a broad spectrum of performance measures including system outcomes, network size, client satisfaction, service planning, care coordination and service utilization, the Framework assists ADHS/DBHS in strategic planning for the development of interventions to improve performance.

The performance measures are organized into four categories: Outcomes (Impact on Quality of Life), Access to Services, Service Delivery, and Coordination/Collaboration. Associated with each category are a Data Dictionary, with details about the collection and generation of the information used to derive the measure, and a Source Data file with the raw numbers used for calculations. Those files are available through links from each category page.

Delivery of Behavioral Health Services

For contracting purposes, ADHS/DBHS divides the state geographically into six Geographic Service Areas (GSAs). ADHS/DBHS has issued contracts to Regional Behavioral Health Authorities (RBHAs) to provide services in each GSA. To learn more about GSAs and RBHAs, visit the DBHS About Us page.

RBHA Dashboards for each GSA

Each RBHA also maintains dashboards measuring services provided to individuals in their GSAs.