Behavioral Health System Performance Framework and Dashboard


For Adults and Children Statewide

Do individuals and families get seamless behavioral and medical care coordination?
Individuals... Statewide Adult Statewide Child
Have their care coordinated with their medical doctor 87.0% 90.0%
Return to a psychiatric hospital 18.4% 7.1%
Stay in a psychiatric hospital an average of... (days) 10.6% 10.1%

Performance is presented for:

  • Quarter 5 FY2013 Coordination of Care performance measure
    • Quarterly dashboard scores will roll up to an annual sample size reflecting a 90/10 sampling methodology
  • Quarter 1 FY2014 Service utilization data submitted to ADHS/DBHS by the RBHAs
    • Readmission to a psychiatric hospital
    • Average length of stay in a psychiatric hospital

See Summary page for historical trend charts.