Division of Behavioral Health Services

Mental Health Resources for Educators

Teachers, paraprofessionals, administrators and others who spend time in the classrooms and hallways of Arizona's schools play a key role in the behavioral health of children. The mix of daily contact, professional training and caring puts educators in position to the be the first to notice changes in a child's behavior that may signal problems stemming from abuse, alcohol use, drug use, depression and other mental health issues.

Educators are also sometimes partnersPDF in providing accessible behavioral health services designed to help children in achieving success in school.

Online Trainings

The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) offers an interactive, online training course to help middle school and high school educators recognize the common signs of psychological distress and then motivate students to seek help and connect with school support services. The course is designed to improve confidence and motivation to identify and approach at-risk students.

ADHS also offers training in Mental Health First Aid, an in-class program that trains teachers and other lay people to identify the signs and symptoms of mental illness in students, colleagues, or any person they encounter. The course equips students with the tools to provide a brief intervention and to stabilize a person in crisis until professional help arrives.

Additional Resources