Division of Behavioral Health Services

Reporting Fraud, Waste and Program Abuse

Fraud is lying and stealing.

Fraud is intentional deception or misrepresentation.

Money to provide behavioral health services to Arizonans is limited, so committing fraud, waste and program abuse against the Division of Behavioral Health Services hurts members, their families, and Arizona taxpayers. Fraud, waste and program abuse takes on many forms. Some examples are submitting falsified claims or services, billing of services not provided, or unlicensed professionals providing services.

If you suspect fraud, waste and/or program abuse by a Regional Behavioral Health Authority, an Authority provider or a member within Arizona's public behavioral health system, please report it. Please also report suspected fraud, waste and/or program abuse within a Tribal Behavioral Health Authority.

Please be advised that effective August 15, 2015, the division of Behavioral Health Services will no longer accept referrals or complaints regarding T/RBHA or Provider suspected Fraud, Waste or Program Abuse issues.  After this date, all referrals or complaints must be reported to AHCCCS-OIG.

Remember you may remain anonymous when reporting.

To report fraud, waste and/or program abuse to the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCS), please visit the AHCCCS website.

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