Division of Behavioral Health Services

State Prevention Enhancement (SPE) Grant

Summary: The purpose of Arizona's Strategic Prevention Framework State Prevention Enhancement Grant (SPE) is to enhance Arizona's infrastructure for substance abuse prevention. The project involves the development of a capacity building plan and statewide overarching substance abuse prevention plan. The project is implemented in conjunction with Arizona's statewide policy consortium, the Communities Preventing Substance Abuse Work Group (CPSAWG).

Project implementation involves a detailed review of Arizona's current infrastructure. Stakeholders at the state and community levels will receive training in the current science of substance abuse and effective organization of state and community initiatives to reduce substance abuse. The training and technical assistance will assist Arizona in development of an informed and planned approach to improving the efficiency and efficacy of substance abuse prevention in Arizona. The project will involve provision of training to state level stakeholders as well as target additional technical assistance and training to four (4) Arizona counties with high rates of substance use and substance related consequences and few resources and/or poor capacity to address the needs effectively.

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