Arizona Translational Resource Network (AZTransNet)

About Us

AZTransNet is an outgrowth of the Arizona Translational Research Pathway sponsored by the Arizona Biomedical Research Commission and the Flinn Foundation, and guided by the input of leaders from Arizona's universities, nonprofit research institutions, hospitals and medical centers and broader stakeholders. This effort began in 2005 and culminated in June of 2006 with Seizing the Translational Research Opportunity in Arizona.

The need for developing an Arizona Translational Research Pathway grew out of the plans for implementation of the Arizona Biosciences Roadmap. Research platform committees were brought together to advance Arizona's standing in:

  • Cancer research
  • Neurosciences
  • Bioengineering

These three near-term opportunities were identified by the Arizona Biosciences Roadmap to reach national prominence in biosciences research. The committee also recognized the need for better harmonization, streamlining and coordination to promote translational and clinical research activities in the state. Learn more about the role of the Flinn Foundation and the Arizona Biomedical Research Commission.

Development of the Arizona Translational Research Pathway involved:

  • An advisory board of 35 members representing 14 academic, non-profit research and hospital systems in Arizona and additional members from government, legal and industry community.
  • A working group of 10 members on Streamlining HIPAA and IRB Processes, including research leadership and administrative leadership of 8 academic, non-profit research and hospital systems.
  • A working group of 12 members on Business Practice Harmonization drawing on legal and administrative expertise across 6 academic, non-profit research, and hospital institutions as well as counsel from private law firms.
  • A working group of 15 members on Promoting Collaborations with Special Populations involving researchers and coordinators in 9 academic, non-profit research and hospital institutions.

The Pathway advanced a vision that: "Arizona can become the first state to address translational research on a formalized statewide basis, and in doing so help to 'brand' Arizona as a national leader in the biosciences." It set out near-term activities to pilot and long-term initiatives to consider.

The Pathway also proposed the formation of an Arizona Translational Resource Network (AzTransNet). AzTransNet's goal is to facilitate the policy, infrastructure, and cultural changes necessary to build a statewide capacity for research collaboration, one that encompasses Arizona's near- and long-term translational research goals and integrates "best practice" lessons from translational leaders.