ADHS Strategic Plan 2014-2018 - page 10

Strategic Priority #2: Integrate Physical and Behavioral Health
ADHS recognizes that integrated care between physical and behavioral health services will
greatly impact public health outcomes for the behavioral health population. Our goal is to
promote recovery, resiliency, psychosocial rehabilitation, safety and hope for persons with
serious mental illness enrolled in the community-based behavioral health system. This effort
will involve collaboration with community partners, public health, and other stakeholders in the
design and delivery of integrated behavioral health services. Ultimately, the goal to increase the
availability and utilization of peer support and family support services, decrease readmission
rates to Level I facilities, and increase/maintain timely access to services. The second Strategic
Priority for the agency is to develop a model for integrated care by working through the
following Strategic Objectives:
Objective 1: Sustain Engagement and Support of Stakeholders
ADHS is collaborating with stakeholders to expand integration efforts to provide whole health
care for SMI patients in Maricopa County starting next year, with a long-term plan to roll out
these same services statewide to all behavioral health populations in the following 3-5 years.
Performance Measures:
Increase the number of on-site technical assistance visits by the division of
licensing to promote the licensing of integrated health care facilities
Increase the stakeholder input for proposed RBHA with SMI health homes
Increase the number of hits to the Behavioral Health integration website
Objective 2:
Develop Innovative Strategies for Integration
One of the foundational concepts of all integrated care models is the “health home”. This concept
originated in the primary care setting and is also referred to as a patient-centered medical home,
a place where a person may receive treatment to address both physical and behavioral health care
needs. ADHS along with key stakeholders is working on developing such a model.
Performance Measure:
Design integrated healthcare license with input from stakeholders and draft rules
for necessary policy changes
Increase the number of completed cross-agency activities and collaborations that
promote behavioral health and physical health integration
Increase cross collaborative activities within ADHS on grant opportunities and
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