ADHS Strategic Plan 2014-2018 - page 11

Objective 3: Establish Needed Infrastructure
As models and strategies are defined, ADHS will develop the necessary training, information
technology and business infrastructure to support this effort.
Performance Measures:
Complete the procurement process for integrated care services in Maricopa
Increase the percent of patients being discharged from ASH who have a medical
and psychiatric follow-up appointment scheduled within 30 days
Objective 4: Implement and Sustain Integration
ADHS is committed to full implementation and sustainability of integrated behavioral health
models. A pilot effort is ongoing around integrating the behavioral and physical health services
of the seriously mentally ill population in Maricopa County, with long term plans to integrate the
entirety of public behavioral health services.
Performance Measures:
Fully implement a Managed Care Organization (MCO) to serve as the regional
Behavioral Health Authorities (RBHAs) that offer integrated care to Title XIX
eligible individuals determined to have a serious mental illness
Increase the percent of eligible Title XIX population enrolled in behavioral health
treatment programs
Objective 5: Demonstrate Impact on Co-Occurring Conditions
As systems of integration of behavioral health systems are implemented, performance measures
will be built into an evaluation plan to measure the impact on patients with three or more co-
occurring conditions.
Performance Measures:
Increase the percent of Title XIX SMI with three or more co-morbid conditions
enrolled in the Managed Care Program through the RBHA offering integrated
care services
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