ADHS Strategic Plan 2014-2018 - page 8

Strategic Priorities and Objectives
For each of the five strategic priorities that ADHS has outlined, there are correlating objectives
delineated, each with dedicated performance measures that will enable us to capture our annual
progress. Performance measures will allow the agency to gather data to objectively track
progress on our strategic goals to proactively make adjustments as necessary to improve health
outcomes. Implementation of the performance management system will include a yearly
reporting on each measure in order to capture improvements, and to establish baseline measures.
Measures are intended to capture the quality of work completed by ADHS and to assess the
impact programs have made in a few key areas.
Strategic Priority #1: Impact Arizona’s Winnable Battles
There are many funded efforts at a national level around Winnable Battles, where it is possible to
show the impact of targeted efforts within a four year period. The following five winnable
battles are objectives specific to the priority public health issues facing Arizonans that ADHS
could positively impact in the next strategic period:
Objective 1: Promote Nutrition and Physical Activity to Reduce Obesity
The Agency, working with the community has the greatest opportunity to impact many public
health outcomes to achieve this objective. An agency-wide workgroup will use evidenced based
strategies to develop messaging, programming and outreach techniques to increase community
awareness of obesity reduction strategies.
Performance Measures:
Increase in the percent of adults who get the recommended amount of physical
Increase in the percent of Arizonans who report eating the recommended amounts
of fruits and veggies
Objective 2: Reduce Tobacco Use and Substance Abuse
Connecting all areas of the agency around this objective places resources into the hands of the
citizens and providers to help Arizonan’s either quit smoking via the ASHLine, or seek help for
substance abuse through prevention programs and policy changes.
Performance Measures:
Decrease the percent of high school youth who smoked in the last month
Decrease the smoking prevalence among adults, 18 years and older, who are
current cigarette smokers
Increase the percent of behavioral health clients with reduced use of alcohol and
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