Influenza (Flu) in Arizona

Information for Healthcare Professionals & Facilities

Guidance for Clinicians

Infection Control

Guidance for Healthcare Facilities

One person with lab-confirmed influenza or three or more people with clinically-compatible symptoms are considered an outbreak in a long-term care or assisted living facility. Call your local health department and see the documents below for outbreak control guidelines and assistance.

Recommendations for People with High Risk Conditions

Pregnant women, people aged 65 years and older, and people with certain chronic medical conditions are at an increased risk of complications from influenza. Yearly flu vaccination is the best protection for all these groups. More detailed information from CDC can be found at the links below.

Medical Examiners and Pathologists

Medical examiners or pathologists who identify an unexplained death with a medical history of acute respiratory illness or whose preliminary autopsy findings show an abnormal respiratory process should contact their local health department. Viral testing may be available at the Arizona State Public Health Laboratory for cases that meet the criteria for investigation of an unexplained death with a history of fever and have approval from the health department. Additional information is available on the ADHS unexplained deaths investigation webpage.

Information from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

The EPA registers disinfectants after evaluating product efficacy for the accuracy of the public health label claims. The products described here are for use on hard surfaces, not skin.

Public Education Resources for Healthcare Providers and Facilities

Free influenza resources for healthcare professionals are available from the CDC. The site has brochures, fact sheets, posters, stickers and more, which can be used to educate patients and encourage influenza prevention activities.