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Baby Steps to Breastfeeding Success

Baby Steps to Breastfeeding Success

One of the earliest interventions to prevent obesity is increasing the number of infants that are breastfed. In addition to a host of remarkable health benefits it provides to babies and mothers, research shows that babies that are breastfed are less likely to become overweight or obese. The Arizona Baby Steps to Breastfeeding Success promotes implementation of five evidence-based maternity care practices that have a positive impact on breastfeeding success for mothers who want to breastfeed. The goal of the program is to improve breastfeeding duration and exclusive breast milk feeding. The Arizona Department of Health Services partnered with professional organizations including the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Arizona Perinatal Trust to bring this voluntary program to hospitals across Arizona.

Nearly 80% of infants born in Arizona are now delivered in hospitals that have adopted the five Baby Steps to Breastfeeding Success. Within six months of adopting the program, one Arizona hospital more than tripled the number of mothers that exclusively breastfed during their stay. The Arizona Baby Steps to Breastfeeding Success Program is recognized as a best practice by the Association of Maternal and Child Health Programs.

Healthy Arizona Worksites

The Healthy Arizona Worksites Program is a public health initiative that has been developed through a public/private partnership between the Arizona Department of Health Services, the Maricopa County Department of Public Health, the Arizona Small Business Association, and Viridian Health Management. The purpose of the Healthy Arizona Worksites Program is to help Arizona employers successfully implement evidence-based healthy worksite initiatives to improve the health of their employees and businesses.