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Native American Community Development Program

About Us

Beginning in 1999, Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) began providing funds to the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS), through an Arizona Cooperative Agreement, to provide for the delivery of primary care support services to Arizona’s Native American population. In April of 2000, an MOU was entered into between the three Indian Health Service (IHS) Area Offices (Navajo, Phoenix, and Tucson), HRSA, and ADHS resulting in the contribution of additional resources by IHS to ADHS. These services were contracted with the Arizona Association of Community Health Centers (AACHC) to co-fund a staff position within AACHC to supplement this activity.

The Native American Community Development Program (NACDP) was based out of the AACHC from 2000-2004 thus establishing relationships with many of the Native American communities and providing advocacy, coalition building, education, and support services to them. Currently, the AACHC has 11 clinics within the Association that are either tribal clinics or clinics that serve significant populations of Indian people.

Due to the government-to-government nature of the work and the need to emphasize capacity building at the tribal and urban Indian community level, ADHS retained the funding within ADHS for the purpose of establishing a staff position responsible for the direct management and service delivery. In December 2005 the new NACDP manager was hired.

The work previously done by the AACHC set the stage for further community development opportunities and will persist to be built upon by the ADHS. Both the AACHC and the ADHS continue to share a beneficial and productive relationship and work together to promote primary health care in Arizona’s Native American communities.

Advisory Council:

As part of the NACDP an Advisory Council is established that is represented by one representative of ADHS, one representative from each IHS Area Office (Navajo, Tucson, and Phoenix), one representative from an Urban Indian Health Program, one representative from a Tribal Health Program or clinic and one representative from the AACHC.

The advisory council meets quarterly to provide guidance in reaching the goals of the NACDP. The advisory council members are appointed by their respective agencies and nominated or recruited by the NACDP. Current advisory council members are:

  • Navajo Area Office - Jenny Notah
  • Phoenix Area Office - Michael Joseph
  • Tucson Area Office - George Bearpaw
  • Arizona Department of Health Services - Michael Allison
  • Association of Arizona Community Health Centers - Tara McCollum-Plese
  • Urban Indian Representative - Dana Russell
  • Tribal Representative - Vacant