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Bureau of Health Systems Development

Data, Reports & Maps

Arizona Primary Care Areas

The Bureau of Health Systems Development (HSD) provides several resources free-of-charge to the public in an effort to support the expansion of primary care services and to reduce health disparities throughout Arizona. The data, reports and maps available through HSD are useful for grant writing, needs assessments, resource prioritization and other health planning initiatives.

Included among the data, reports and maps provided are the following:

  • Statistical Profiles
    Brief summaries of health related data for defined areas
  • Need for Assistance Worksheet (NFA)
    Looks at census tracts and provides a score that is based on specific core barriers to care and other health indicators to prioritize underserved areas in need of more healthcare resources.
  • Maps
    Request a special map of an area and find other related maps
  • Other Data
    Additional relevant data sets and links
  • Other Reports
    Related workforce, health and provider shortage reports