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First Things First Early Childhood Therapist Incentives Programs

Priorities for Awarding Loan Repayment or Stipend Contracts

The priority ranking of each eligible applicant will be based on weighted scores for each of the items below. The hierarchy of priority is provided below.

  • Residence (More weight is assigned to applicants residing within the regional council boundaries.)
  • Language (More weight is assigned to applicants who speak a language other than English that is significantly represented in the region.)
  • Discipline (Based on the priority listingPDF of each FTF Regional Council.)
  • Work Hours
    • 1st priority: > or = 35 hrs per week
    • 2nd priority: 30 to 34.75 hours per week
  • Specialized Training (only for Mental Health Specialist applicants)

    Priority is given to applicants with specialized trainings in any one of these programs or other approved programs:

    • Infant/Toddler Mental Health Credential
    • Sensory Certificate
    • Pediatric Feeding Certificate
    • Harris Institute