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Arizona Loan Repayment Program

Eligibility – Providers

To be eligible for an award, an applicant must:

  • Be a U. S. Citizen (U.S Born or Naturalized) or U.S. National
  • Be in one of the following disciplines:
    • Allopathic (MD) or Osteopathic (DO) physician in the field of family medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, internal medicine, or geriatrics;
    • Advance practice providers: A nurse practitioner or a physician assistant in the field of family medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, internal medicine, or geriatrics; or a certified nurse midwife
    • Pharmacist
    • General Dentist
    • Behavioral Health Providers: Allopathic (MD) or Osteopathic (DO) physician in the field of psychiatry; a nurse practitioner or a physician assistant who is certified to practice as a behavioral health specialist, licensed clinical social worker, professional counselor; clinical psychologist, or marriage and family therapist
  • Have completed the final year of a course of study or program or hold a current AZ license or certificate in good standing
  • If a physician, shall have completed a professional residency program in a primary health care specialty, and be board certified or eligible to sit for the certifying examination in the specialty
  • Provide evidence of current or prospective employment with an eligible site
  • Agree to contract with ADHS to serve full-time or half-time service hours at an approved service site for a minimum of two years
  • Agree to charge for professional services at the usual and customary rates prevailing in the area, except that a patient unable to pay the charge shall be charged at a reduced rate or not charged.
  • Agree not to discriminate on the basis of the patient's ability to pay for care or the source of payment
  • Agree to provide services to Medicare and AHCCCS beneficiaries
  • Have qualifying student loans that are still owed for loan repayment
  • Have completely satisfied any other service obligation owed under an agreement with a federal (e.g., an active military obligation or a National Health Service Corps Program obligation), a State (e.g., Scholarship Program obligation) or local government, or other entity, prior to beginning a period of service under this program
    • Note: Individuals in the Reserve Component of the U.S. Armed Forces or National Guard are eligible to participate in the SLRP. If the SLRP participant’s military training and/or service, in combination with the participant's other absences from the service site, exceed 35 workdays per service year, the SLRP service obligation will be extended to compensate for the break in service.

The following are not eligible to participate:

  • Individuals who have Primary Care Loans through the Department of Health and Human Services, Health Resources and Services Administration, Bureau of Health Professions are NOT eligible to participate in the SLRP.
  • Individuals who have an outstanding contractual obligation for health professional service to the Federal Government, or to a State or other entity, unless that service obligation will be completely satisfied before the SLRP contract has been signed. Please note that certain provisions in employment contracts can create a service obligation (e.g., an employer offers a physician a recruitment bonus in return for the physician’s agreement to work at that facility for a certain period of time or pay back the bonus).
  • Individuals with any federal judgment liens.
  • Individuals who have:
    • A current default on any Federal payment obligations (e.g., Health Education Assistance Loans, Nursing Student Loans, Federal income tax liabilities, Federal Housing Authority loans, etc.) even if the creditor now considers them to be in good standing;
    • Breached a prior service obligation to the Federal/State/local government or other entity, even if they subsequently satisfied the obligation; and
    • Had any Federal or non-Federal debt written off as uncollectible or received a waiver of any Federal service or payment obligation.