Arizona Loan Repayment Program

Loan Repayment Application – Qualifying Loans

Qualifying Educational Loans

The qualifying student loans are limited to the recipient's government and commercial loans that cover reasonable educational and living expenses for undergraduate and graduate education pursued prior to obtaining the health professions degree including principal and interest. The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) will only consider those loans towards the recipient's total indebtedness.

If an applicant is currently in school working towards another eligible health professions degree, those loans will not be considered for loan repayment until the applicant has finished that future degree and applies to participate in the Arizona Loan Repayment Program with that new health profession.

Consolidated/Refinanced Loans

The consolidated/refinanced loan must be from a Government (Federal, State, or local) or commercial lender and must be for the applicant's qualifying educational loans only.

If an eligible educational loan is consolidated/refinanced with any debt other than another eligible educational loan of the applicant, no portion of the consolidated/refinanced loan will be eligible for loan repayment.

For loans to remain eligible for Arizona Loan Repayment Programs, applicants must keep their eligible educational loans segregated from all other debts. Eligible educational loans should not be consolidated with loans owed by any other person, such as a spouse or child.

Service obligations or debts incurred under any of the following programs are not eligible for repayment: