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Arizona Loan Repayment Program

Transfer/Change of Service Site

The ADHS expects that the vast majority of the Arizona Loan Repayment Program (ALRP) providers will complete their service obligations at their originally selected sites. However, it is anticipated that this will not always be the case. Despite best efforts and intentions, not every provider is correctly suited to the original site. Life changes on the part of the provider, and/or organizational changes at the site may precipitate the need to change sites.

Providers and service sites must make their best effort to seek a resolution of the issues in order for the provider to remain at the original site for the duration of his/her service obligation. If a resolution is not possible, timely communication between ADHS and participants will facilitate identification of the appropriate action by the ADHS. The provider must do the following:

  • Immediately notify the ADHS in writing that he/she cannot fulfill his/her service obligation at the ADHS-approved service site.
  • Request an initial contract suspension for up to six months and obtain approval for the suspension request from ADHS. Once suspension is granted, the provider’s contract is suspended where all loan repayments will cease and the provider must assume responsibility for the loan. The provider’s contract will be amended to account for the gap in service due to the suspension.
  • Find placement at an eligible service site during the suspension period. Once an eligible job placement is found, notify and submit the required paperwork to ADHS for service site eligibility screening. The contract will be amended and reinstated once ADHS verifies the site’s eligibility and at that time, provider can resume service at the new site.
  • Communicate with ADHS periodically about his/her progress in finding an eligible placement to transfer to.