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Arizona J-1 Visa Waiver Program

Applications – Notification

ADHS will inform the J-1 physician and the lawyer of record about their final decision regarding the J-1 visa waiver application.

ADHS reserves the right to approve or deny support of a J-1 visa waiver application. If ADHS decides to support a J-1 visa waiver physician, a letter of support for the waiver signed by the ADHS Deputy Director will be issued. The support letter and all required documents will be submitted to the Department of State (DOS) Waiver Review Division by ADHS. At this point, ADHS is no longer directly involved in the process. The J-1 physician may check on application status ONLY by calling DOS at (202) 663-1600 and providing the case number.

If support is denied, ADHS will return the application to the lawyer of record or to the J-1 physician, if the physician is not represented. ADHS does not bear any liability for the denial of support of a J-1 visa waiver application, including but not limited to the consequences arising from any practice arrangements or contracts entered into by the J-1 physician specialist or proposed employer before or after requesting an ADHS J-1 visa waiver recommendation.