Office of Newborn Screening

Healthcare Providers

The goal of CCHD screening of newborns is to identify those with structural heart defects usually associated with hypoxia in the newborn period that could have significant morbidity or mortality early in life with closing of the ductus arteriosus or other physiological changes early in life. Read our CCHD Implementation Timeline and a statement from the Assistant Bureau Chief Ward Jacox.

The success of the Newborn Screening program depends on the coordinated efforts of many health professionals. Medical Home and/or other Healthcare Professionals are generally responsible for: ordering the screening tests for newborn infants in their care, informing parents about the screening tests, and collection and handling of newborn screening specimens. Practitioners, and/or their contracted laboratories, may collect and send specimens for testing. Practitioners, hospitals and laboratories work together to coordinate timely collection and rapid delivery of acceptable newborn screening specimens to the Arizona Public Health Laboratory (State Lab).

Legal Requirements

As partners in the system of care for a newborn/infant in Arizona, providers and the Office of Newborn Screening work together to ensure that parents make informed decisions about newborn screening, that best practices are followed in their practice, and that all babies have equal access to care. For a discussion of provider responsibilities under these rules, visit our Provider Responsibilities page. Although not exhaustive, here are a few guidelines to follow.

Hearing Screening

Please be advised, results from each screening or diagnostic test performed must be sent to the Office of Newborn Screening. Our fax number is 602-364-1495.

Mandatory Reporting
  • Results of all hearing screening and subsequent tests for hearing loss performed on newborns and infants must be reported to the Office of Newborn Screening, along with identifying information for the baby and the facility performing the test. Please see the Appendices for the complete reporting requirements in Rules (R9-13-207).
  • Results from each hearing screening or diagnostic test performed must be sent to the Office of Newborn Screening within one week of the test date.
  • All tests, even if normal, should be reported. Normal results help the Newborn Screening Follow-up team know when the child no longer needs active follow-up.
Screening Forms
Diagnostic Testing Forms
Bloodspot Screening

Fill out each specimen card completely.

  • First specimens must be collected, according to whichever of the following occurs first:
    • 24-72 hours of age (closer to 24 hours is recommended)
    • Before a transfusion
    • Before discharge from the hospital
  • Second specimens should be collected:
    • at the first visit to the healthcare provider, or
    • between 5 to 10 days of age, whichever comes first
    • unless you verify that another provider collected the 2nd specimen.

Arizona requires healthcare providers to collect a blood specimen for new patients up to one year of age unless results of previous tests are verified.

Labs should send each blood specimen to the State Lab within 24 hours of collection.

Results from subsequent tests performed at labs other than the State Lab in response to an abnormal screening test must be sent to the Office of Newborn Screening. Our fax number is 602-364-1495.

Arizona Statutes and Authority
  • The statute establishing the Office of Newborn Screening, designating the State Lab as the only testing facility of the program, and requiring hearing tests to be reported can be found in ARS § 36-694
  • The statute establishing the Office of Newborn Screening fund can be found in ARS § 36-694.01
  • The statute regarding insurance coverage of medical foods can be found in ARS § 20-2327
Arizona Administrative Code

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