Office of Newborn Screening

Testing & Specimen Collection

Our office is responsible for all newborn screening in Arizona and includes both bloodspot and hearing. This section deals with best practice guidelines related to bloodspot collection using a filter paper collection device (e.g., a kit).

Specimen Retention

Newborn screening bloodspot specimens and attached information submitted to the Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) are the property of the ADHS.

Access to specimens and submitted information is restricted to ADHS employees and contractors approved by the Office of Newborn Screening Manager as necessary to meet specific program needs. All applicable laws, regulations and policies safeguarding the privacy and confidentiality of medical information are followed by those with access to these specimens and attached information.

Specimens are stored at room temperature for 90 days and then autoclaved and discarded. Specimens of interest (confirmed cases) may be frozen and retained for quality assurance purposes.

During the storage period and after the newborn screening tests are complete, residual dried blood may be used for lab methodology development or validation or other quality assurance testing.

Specimens may be released to others under certain circumstances including:

  1. Written request from a provider, at the request of a parent or guardian. Bloodspot specimens will not be returned directly to a newborn's parent or guardian.
  2. By written request from the Office of the Medical Examiner
  3. To named persons in a court order or subpoena

Note: Files are PDF format unless otherwise stated.