Environmental Laboratory Licensure


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The rules for licensing of environmental laboratories were approved by the Governor's Regulatory Review Council on December 5, 2006, and became effective the same day. The Environmental Laboratory Licensure Program's main phone number is (602) 364-0720.

Mission Statement

To help protect the Public Health and Environment by surveying all licensed laboratories for compliance with all applicable regulations and reviewing their compliance testing data for scientific validity and defensibility. 

How is this accomplished?

  1. Annual on-site audits of each laboratory
  2. Proficiency evaluation samples
  3. Training and technical resources

Annual On-Site Audits of Each Laboratory

The ADHS Environmental Laboratory Section pursuant to A.R.S. § 36-495.07(A) may perform an annual on-site audit of each laboratory licensed by the Department. ADHS currently performs annual audits on both in-state laboratories and out-of-state laboratories performing testing on Arizona compliance samples. The in-state laboratories include state, municipal, county, commercial and industry laboratories conducting environmental compliance testing. All ADHS licensed out-of-state laboratories are commercial.

Proficiency Evaluation Samples

All laboratories licensed by ADHS pursuant to A.A.C. R9-14-609(A) shall demonstrate proficiency of testing by analyzing proficiency evaluation samples for the testing program, category of testing, parameter, and approved methods for which an initial license or renewal license has been requested. These proficiency evaluation samples may be purchased from an accredited proficiency evaluation provider and are analyzed once in a twelve-month period. Other proficiency evaluation samples may be required by ADHS for a laboratory when the laboratory has demonstrated problems with testing or when the laboratory is seeking license for a new method.

Training and Technical Resources

Each ADHS Laboratory Surveyor who conducts an audit is required to advise the laboratory of deficiencies of testing and to help the laboratory come into compliance. The Environmental Laboratory Licensure Section has a sister section within the office that provides training in the form of email communications, subcommittees, telephone discussions, resources and periodic distribution of newsletter called Information Updates and is available to research and answer questions for the licensed laboratory community about methodology and the regulations. 

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