Environmental Microbiology

State Public Health Lab Information

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Verbal communication with the Environmental Microbiology Laboratory is very important. Please call with the following information before submitting food samples:

  • Types of food
  • Number of samples
  • Tests requested
  • Shipping method and time of arrival

If the foods are part of a food borne illness investigation, inform the lab of the symptoms, incubation period and clinical results.

It is not necessary to call before submitting routine drinking water samples. However, please call the lab with testing requests for other waters. The laboratory can then give collection and submitting information, as well as schedule a time for testing.

By Telephone

Please contact the Laboratory with your testing requests. To contact the laboratory by telephone, please refer to the following numbers:

State Public Health Laboratory Front Desk (602) 542-1188
Fax Number (602) 542-1169
Toll free 1 (800) 525-8915
Environmental Microbiology Direct Line (602) 542-6130


Please call the lab with the following information before shipping food samples:

  • Method of shipping
  • Expected day and time of arrival.

Please ship to the following address:

Arizona State Public Health Laboratory
250 N. 17th Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85007-3231
Attention: Environmental Microbiology

If shipping by bus, please write on the box to call the laboratory at (602) 542-1190 on arrival.

Hours of Operation

The State Public Health Laboratory is open from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Samples are received anytime during these hours of operation. Routine drinking water samples should be submitted to arrive Monday through Thursday unless prior arrangements have been made. If an emergency occurs or circumstances warrant it and prior arrangements are made, extended hours and weekend hours can be available on a limited basis.