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Live It, Change It

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Live It Change It is a movement in the Black community. We're asking you to take charge of your personal health and consider what may be passed down to future generations.

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Let's face it - we don't talk a lot about tough health issues. That needs to change.

The facts show that we suffer from the highest rates of chronic diseases, sexually transmitted diseases and infections, premature births, babies born with low birth weight and infant mortality. It's a grim picture, but the facts are the facts, and the only way to make a change is to take charge of our health.

Now is the time to open up and communicate with those you are closest to. Start the conversation and share the information with your younger sisters and/or brothers. After all, if no one discussed these things with you, who will talk to them?

You are the movement. You are where change begins.

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Live It Change It Materials

News Release, November 20, 2009
New campaign seeks to reverse dire infant-mortality rates among African-American population in Arizona

Live It Change It Radio PSA (Female) | Live It Change It Radio PSA (Male)

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