ADHS will be performing maintenance on the Medical Marijuana systems starting on Saturday, January 24, 2015 at 10 PM expected to be completed by Sunday, January 25, 2015 at 4 AM. During this time, Medical Marijuana Online Registry Applications will be unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience this maintenance downtime may cause. If the process is completed earlier, the systems will be made available at an earlier time.

Arizona Medical Marijuana Program


  • Arizona Medical Marijuana End of Year Report 2014
  • The Arizona Department of Health Services will accept Dispensary Registration Certificate applications in late 2015. There will be more information forthcoming regarding which, and the number of, CHAAs that will be available.

Use the links below to find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program. This is a developing program, so there may be things referenced in the FAQs that are not available yet. We suggest you bookmark this site and check back periodically to find the information you need.

Note: The information provided here is intended to provide general guidance and is just a supplement to the final rules and existing Arizona statutes governing the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program. For specific sections of the rules and statutes that pertain to these FAQs, search our Rules & Statutes section.

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Fingerprinting Procedures

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FP01: Where do I find the required documents and envelope for submitting my fingerprints?

When completing the online application, the system will direct you to print out a page titled "Fingerprint Submission Information". If the application has been completed prior to getting fingerprinted, this page should to be included with the fingerprints, along with a "Fingerprint Verification Form" which can be found on the Forms page of the ADHS Medical Marijuana Program website.

Prior to getting fingerprinted, the applicant is responsible for having the proper documents including the Fingerprint Submission Information page if available, Fingerprint Verification Form and an envelope ready for the technician to complete processing. The Department does not provide the fingerprint cards or envelopes to send them in.

FP02: I do not have the Fingerprint Submission Information page because I was unable to print it out at the completion of my application, how do I find the form?

You may include a copy of your receipt or produce a simple form with your application ID number, first and last name, DOB, and Identification Number written upon it to include with the remainder of the required forms.

FP03: Do I need to include the Attestation form or any other documents with the Fingerprints?

No. The only documents that need to be included with the two sets of fingerprints are the Fingerprint Verification Form and if available, the Fingerprint Submission Information page or application receipt. The Attestation form will be submitted to the ADHS through the online application.

FP04: Where do I send the copy of my fingerprints?

You may send the properly packaged fingerprints via USPS to Arizona Department of Health Services, P.O. Box 19000, Phoenix, AZ 85005. If the fingerprints are not properly packaged, they will be returned and a Notice of Deficiency may be issued, further delaying approval of the application.

FP05: What are the reasons my fingerprints may not be acceptable or "properly packaged"?

Unacceptable fingerprints include those that may be smudged, torn, folded or otherwise damaged. Also, if the required documents including the Fingerprint Verification Form, and fingerprint cards are incomplete or not included in a sealed envelope, they may not be acceptable. Another reason for ADHS not accepting fingerprints would include if the envelope is provided to ADHS but the fingerprint technician's signature is not written across the seal or does not match the signature on the Fingerprint Verification Form.

FP06: What fingerprint card and envelope is acceptable?

The Department can accept FD258 cards which may be available at a law enforcement agency or local company. An acceptable envelope should be able to fit the required documents and the unfolded fingerprint cards inside. Additionally, once the documents are inside the envelope, the fingerprint technician should be able to sign across the seal.

FP07: Do I need to submit fingerprints each time I apply?

If it has been longer than six months since ADHS last received your fingerprints, you will need to submit a new set of fingerprints.

FP08: I have a fingerprint clearance card; do I still have to submit fingerprints?

Yes, the requirement for submitting fingerprints is to obtain a criminal background check for a designated caregiver or dispensary agent applicant. Arizona State Law requires that a designated caregiver or dispensary agent has not been convicted of an excluded felony offense. This requirement may not be relative to any other criminal background check.

FP09: What is the process for submitting fingerprints?

A complete set of instructions for submitting fingerprints can be found on the ADHS Medical Marijuana Program website. Required documents can be found on the Forms page. If a designated caregiver or dispensary agent applies online prior to obtaining fingerprints, the Fingerprint Submission Information form is provided for the applicant to print out once they complete their online application.

FP10: I already sent in my fingerprints to ADHS and I am not submitting my online application, what do I do with the Fingerprint Submission Information Page?

If your fingerprints were sent to ADHS and were properly packaged (inclusive of the completed Fingerprint Verification Form, set of prints and sealed in an envelope with the fingerprint technician's signature across the seal), then you will not need to print and send the Fingerprint Submission Information page.

FP11: I received a Notice of Deficiency that fingerprints have not been received. What does this mean?

A Notice of Deficiency must be corrected within 30 days or your application can result in a withdrawal and your application fee will be forfeited. If you have not sent in your fingerprints you must do so as provided in the instructions.

Once we receive them, if they are properly packaged, we will process and approve your application, provided there are no other pending deficiencies.

If the Notice provides additional language indicating unacceptable submission of the fingerprints, then a correction must be made accordingly before ADHS can accept the fingerprints.

FP12: What will happen if my fingerprints were not sent to ADHS as required in the instructions?

We cannot accept fingerprints that are not packaged as instructed and they will be returned to you for correction. Once they have been corrected and properly packaged, you may send them back to ADHS for processing. If a Notice of Deficiency has been issued, any corrections need to be submitted within 30 days or your application can result in a withdrawal and your application fee will be forfeited.