ADHS will be performing maintenance on the Medical Marijuana systems starting on Saturday, January 24, 2015 at 10 PM expected to be completed by Sunday, January 25, 2015 at 4 AM. During this time, Medical Marijuana Online Registry Applications will be unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience this maintenance downtime may cause. If the process is completed earlier, the systems will be made available at an earlier time.

Arizona Medical Marijuana Program

Rules & Statutes

  • Arizona Medical Marijuana End of Year Report 2014
  • The Arizona Department of Health Services will accept Dispensary Registration Certificate applications in late 2015. There will be more information forthcoming regarding which, and the number of, CHAAs that will be available.

Arizona Medical Marijuana Rules

ADHS is currently going through a rulemaking to update the current Medical Marijuana Rules.  The rulemaking is a result of the July 29, 2013 Arizona Superior Court order.

AZ Statutes Governing the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program

The Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) represent the statutory laws of the state of Arizona. The A.R.S. and the Arizona Medical Marijuana Rules each contain requirements applicable to the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program. Accordingly, to fully understand all the requirements applicable to the Arizona Medical Marijuana Program, the A.R.S. and the Arizona Medical Marijuana Rules should be read in conjunction with each other.

A.R.S. Title 36
36-2801 Definitions
36-2801.01 Addition of debilitating medical conditions
36-2802 Arizona Medical Marijuana Act; limitations
36-2803 Rulemaking
36-2804 Registration and certification of nonprofit medical marijuana dispensaries
36-2804.01 Registration of nonprofit medical marijuana dispensary agents; notices; civil penalty; classification
36-2804.02 Registration of qualifying patients and designated caregivers
36-2804.03 Issuance of registry identification cards
36-2804.04 Registry identification cards
36-2804.05 Denial of registry identification card
36-2804.06Expiration and renewal of registry identification cards and registration certificates; replacement
36-2805 Facility restrictions
36-2806 Registered nonprofit medical marijuana dispensaries; requirements
36-2806.01 Dispensary locations
36-2806.02 Dispensing marijuana for medical use
36-2807 Verification system
36-2808 Notifications to department; civil penalty
36-2809 Annual report
36-2810 Confidentiality
36-2811 Presumption of medical use of marijuana; protections; civil penalty
36-2813 Discrimination prohibited
36-2814 Acts not required; acts not prohibited
36-2815 Revocation
36-2816 Violations; civil penalty; classification
36-2817 Medical marijuana fund; private donations
36-2818 Enforcement of this act; mandamus
36-2819 Fingerprinting requirements

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