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Medical Electronic Disease Surveillance Intelligence System (MEDSIS)

About Us

Health care providers in Arizona first began reporting cases of disease by mail to public health over 70 years ago and methods of reporting have since improved to increase timeliness and efficiency. Cases entered by health care providers are reported in real-time and viewable by respective local health departments. Once received, the local health departments are able to initiate investigations and begin appropriate control actions. Reports received by public health are used to prevent the spread of disease by:

  1. Finding and treating people in contact with an ill person
  2. Finding and controlling disease outbreaks
  3. Tracking changes in disease trends

Public health alerts health care providers of changing trends and outbreaks to ensure that they are informed of any situations or to enhance surveillance of a particular disease. Public health also initiates targeted prevention strategies, creates policy using the data collected, and allots resources with this information. Using reports, data, and statistical analysis, public health strives to protect the health and wellness of all Arizonans.

MEDSIS improves public health and preparedness by moving reporting from a paper-based format to an electronic system. The information is more accurate and is received in a timely manner, allowing for quicker response times. As new diseases and the threat of bioterrorism become likely scenarios in today's world, MEDSIS allows Arizona to quickly detect these irregular events, protecting the health of all of its citizens.