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Medical Electronic Disease Surveillance Intelligence System (MEDSIS)

Frequently Asked Questions

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Information for Health Care Providers and Health Care Institutions.

What is MEDSIS?

The Medical Electronic Disease Surveillance Intelligence System (MEDSIS) is a secure web-based, centralized, person-based disease surveillance system for Arizona. MEDSIS is a statewide system hosted and supported by the Arizona Department of Health Services for use by providers and institutions responsible for reporting communicable diseases and for local health departments to conduct disease surveillance.

Why should I use MEDSIS?

  • To securely report communicable diseases to Public Health
  • MEDSIS will save time in completing communicable disease reports (CDRs)
  • MEDSIS will save the cost of postage and fax
  • MEDSIS will provide a current list of the cases you have reported

What are the benefits of MEDSIS?

  • Real time reporting of communicable diseases to Public Health
  • Eliminates the need for and expense of paper-based reporting
  • Allows healthcare providers to run a line list report of cases that their facility has reported to Public Health
  • Decreases the response time for investigating/intervening on public health cases
  • Facilitates the analysis of data and identification of outbreaks for intervention/prevention of further cases

Does HIPAA allow me to report through MEDSIS?

YES, HIPAA provides for reporting of confidential information to public health departments. MEDSIS provides the necessary security and exceeds the encryption requirements of HIPAA.

Which diseases are reportable in Arizona?

What diseases are currently being reported through MEDSIS?

All reportable communicable diseases are currently captured in MEDSIS. For specific requirements by type of reporter, please see the categories above.

What does public health do with the communicable disease reports?

Who will see the information that I enter into MEDSIS?

Information entered into MEDSIS is immediately accessible by the local health department. Only approved MEDSIS users at the local and state health department have access to data that was submitted by a provider. Providers with access to MEDSIS can view all cases that their facility reported.

How can I get access to MEDSIS?

To learn more about getting access to MEDSIS, contact the MEDSIS Liaison at your local health department. ADHS and local health departments will assist with technical issues to facilitate access to MEDSIS.