Breastfeeding Program

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Why should we have such a program?

A Lactation Support Program allows management to maintain acceptable breastfeeding in the workplace. It standardizes options for women in the workplace who are considering infant feeding choices.

"(There has been) Enthusiastic support and involvement of all health organizations, especially public health organizations in promotion of breastfeeding and assuring a supportive communication." - According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP)

When does the law take effect?

  • The law was effective immediately upon President Obama's signing of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, however, the rules for enforcement have not yet been put in place. Breastfeeding employees should be assured that the Department of Labor is working swiftly to establish these rules, and should give their employers time to comply once those rules take effect.
  • While the Department of Labor works to define terms and processes for enforcement of the law, ADHS stands ready to support employers and breastfeeding employees with tools, information, and resources. View the national resources for employers and managers and resources for breastfeeding employees.

Ideas to Help Employers Get Started

  • Start small with a simple pilot program.
  • Actively solicit input from employees to determine their needs and communicate the employers' interest in this topic