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Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity Program (NUPAO)

Active School Neighborhood Checklist

Active Schools Checklist

In previous decades, walking and biking to school was an accepted practice by Americans and was a big part of our culture. However, the percentage of trips made by walking has declined over time among both children and adults. Walking and biking are great modes of transportation for our youth to get to and from school and are wonderful ways for youth to reach the recommended 60 minutes of daily physical activity. In 1969, approximately half of all schoolchildren walked or bicycled to or from school and 87% of those living within one mile of school walked or bicycled. Today, fewer than 15% of children and adolescents use active modes of transportation (walking or biking) while the number of trips made by cars has skyrocketed.

The Arizona Department of Health Services partnered with the Arizona Department of Transportation Safe Routes to School Program to develop the Active School Neighborhood Checklist assessment tool that generates a score which represents the walkability, bikeability, and safety of the school (existing or proposed) location. The results of this assessment will help communities, school-siting professionals, schools, and city officials identify barriers that prevent students from walking and biking to and from school each day and create solutions to encourage neighborhoods to be more physically active.

Resources & Tools

Active School Neighborhood Checklist
An online tool for assessing school sites based on their walkability and bikeability.

Active School Neighborhood Checklist (ASNC) Guide BookPDF
A step-by-step guide book designed to be a guide to assist sites in the ASNC process.

Walk and Bike to School Day

The Arizona Department of Transportation and the Arizona Department of Health Services are encouraging families, schools and communities to participate in International Walk to School Day, on October 9th. Walk to School Day will encourage students to walk or bike to school regularly, and get their daily exercise. Walking to school incorporates exercise into each child’s daily routine, helps children meet physical activity recommendation levels and prevents adverse health consequences linked to overweight and obesity

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