HIV Epidemiology Program

HIV/AIDS Reports

Annual Arizona HIV/AIDS Reports

Here you will find the prevalence/incidence counts and rates by year, county/region, race/ethnicity, sex, age, and mode of transmission. In Arizona's HIV/AIDS reporting, estimates of incidence are based upon the sum of new HIV cases, and new AIDS cases not diagnosed as HIV infections in any prior calendar year. Prevalence, on the other hand, refers to the total summation of infected and alive cases across the years.

  • 2014 Annual Report
  • 2013 Annual Report
  • 2012 Annual Report
  • 2011 Annual Report
  • 2010 Annual Report
  • 2009 Annual Report
  • 2008 Annual Report
  • 2007 Annual Report
  • 2006 Annual Report
  • 2005 Annual Report
  • 2004 Annual Report
  • 2003 Semi-Annual Report
2003 Semi-Annual Report

Note: Information provided in PDF files, unless otherwise indicated.