Refugee Health

Advice for Refugees and Asylees

If you are having a medical emergency, call 911. If you have health problems that are not an emergency, do not call 911. Make an appointment with your doctor or ask your resettlement caseworker for advice.

Paying Medical Bills

  • Asylees
    • If you have not yet been granted asylum, you are not eligible for RMAP or AHCCCS! There are no special programs available to help you pay your medical bills. You may purchase insurance as a parolee from the Marketplace, through your employer or from a private insurance company. You may also take advantage of Community Health Centers and Free Clinics.
  • Asylees and Refugees
    • If you receive medical bills it is very important that you pay them on time. If you do not, your doctor may send the bill to a collections agency and the debt could hurt your income and ability to get a loan.
    • If you receive medical bills and do not have health insurance, your only option is to pay the bill or appeal to the provider.
    • If you received medical bills after 1/1/2014, AHCCCS can retroactively cover your bills up to 90 days before your AHCCCS application. Ask your plan for details.