Tuberculosis Control Program


Stop TB - In My Lifetime, World TB Day, March 24.

The Program provides technical assistance to county health departments, other agencies and health care providers on epidemiology, diagnosis, control and prevention of TB in Arizona. The Program maintains registries to monitor:

  1. the occurrence, distribution and trends of TB and Latent TB infection (LTBI) morbidity, risk factors, and completion of therapy;
  2. TB drug-resistance patterns; and
  3. the necessary investigation and follow-up of persons exposed to active TB cases.

The Program is responsible for monitoring, controlling and preventing infection, disease, and death associated with tuberculosis (TB) through:

  • surveillance,
  • data analyses,
  • health education,
  • guidelines,
  • consultation,
  • epidemiological investigations and
  • rule making.

For information on possible exposure to TB and location(s) where to obtain a TB skin test, contact your local health department. Get info about the testing done at the Arizona State Laboratory including rapid TB tests on our State Lab website.

For questions regarding licensed facility TB testing requirements, please see Licensing Services.