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Crisis Standards of Care (CSC) Project

Arizona CSC Workshops

Please select a workshop from the links below to review its proceedings, or visit the project's home page.

Initial Planning Workshop | Mid Planning Workshop | Final Planning Workshop

Mid Planning Workshop - June 27, 2013

Speakers Slides/Handouts
Teresa Ehnert, BPHEP Bureau Chief Mid-Planning Workshop Agenda
CSC Project Flyer w/Project Team
Andrew Lawless, MBA, PMP Plan Format and Hazard for Arizona CSC Plan
Draft: CSC Activation Process
Wendy H. Lyons, RN, BSN, MSL Consensus Building and the Balanced Scorecard
CSC Desired Future State, Vision, Mission, and Values

Breakout Sessions

Facilitators Discussion Materials
Andrew Lawless, CSC Project Manager
Wendy H. Lyons, Project Consultant

CSC 5 Pillars Balanced Score Worksheet

  • Hospital Care
  • Public Health (State and Local)
  • Emergency Medical Services
  • Alternate Care Systems (Out of Hospital)
  • Emergency Management & Public Safety

Note: Information provided in PDF files.