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Arizona Healthy Aging (A-HA)

Chronic Disease & Injury

  • Age-Related Macular Degeneration
    Major cause of blindness and visual impairment in adults over 50 years of age
  • Alzheimer’s
    Resulting complications places this disease at the fifth lead cause of mortality
  • Arthritis
    Among people 65 years old or older in Arizona, 56% have some form of arthritis
  • Cancer
    Breast, prostate, lung, and colorectal cancers are the cause of most deaths from cancer in Arizona
  • Chronic Disease Self-Management Education
    Get information on helpful workshops on various chronic conditions
  • Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease
    Chronic lower respiratory disease surpassed stroke as third leading cause of death
  • Chronic Pain & Headache
    One-fifth of adults 65 years and older said they have suffered from chronic pain during the last month
  • Diabetes
    1 of every 9 people in Arizona has diabetes
  • Falls and Physical Injuries
    Among adults 65 or older, falls are the leading cause of injury death
  • Heart Disease
    Heart disease was the cause of nearly 1 in every 4 deaths in Arizona
  • Osteoporosis
    About half of all women over the age of 50 will have a fracture of the hip, wrist, or vertebra (bone of the spine) during their lifetime
  • Prescription Drug Related Mortality
    Nationally, there were ~40 deaths per day and ~15,000 a year related to prescription drugs
  • Sexual Health (STDs)
    The number of STDs in people over 50 has doubled in the past decade.
  • Substance Misuse and Addiction
    The proportion of people admitted to treatment for drug abuse who are age 50 and older nearly doubled between 1992 and 2008
  • Stroke
    Stroke is the fourth leading cause of death in America and a leading cause of adult disability