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Arizona Healthy Aging (A-HA)

Arizona Healthy Aging (A-HA) Liaison

The Arizona Department of Health Services has established a position of Healthy Aging Liaison to serve as an advocate, resource, and communication link between the Department and other agencies and entities providing direct or indirect public health services to Arizona’s older adults in communities across the state. The Healthy Aging Liaison works in partnership with Department programs to promote collaborative planning and participation with all local, county, tribal, and state agencies that seek to promote good health and quality of life for all older Arizonans.

Additionally, the Healthy Aging Liaison serves as an internal resource to Department staff related to Older Adult health promotion and disease prevention efforts and represents the Department on councils, work groups and committees.

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The Healthy Aging Liaison can provide health information for older adults and identify resources for program planning (Professional Resources), data on the health of older Arizonans (Reports), and information on successful initiatives and strategies being used in Arizona communities to promote healthy lifestyles and maintain optimal levels of activity and well being in older adults through the Healthy Aging Communication Network (HACN) and News & Events). The HACN can foster community building, resource assessment and the development of links across government agencies, non-profit, and private community-based programs as they relate to health promotion and disease and disability prevention for older adults in Arizona.

Healthy Aging Goals for Arizona adults 50 years and older:

  1. Age well: staying well in body, mind and spirit (healthy, active and socially engaged).
  2. Live with, and manage chronic conditions (optimal wellness, preventing or compressing disability).
  3. Age with maximum independence (aging in place, with good quality of life).
  4. Access quality care (timely and appropriate services/care in the right place, at the right time, & with the right interventions).
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