Healthy Living Manual: The How-to Guide for Healthy Aging

Mental Health & Stress

Having good mental health throughout life does not ensure immunity from severe depression, Alzheimer's disease, anxiety disorders and other disorders in the senior years of life. In fact, some studies show older adults are at greater risk of mental disorders and their complications than are younger people. However, many of these illnesses can be accurately diagnosed and treated.

Retirement and old age may seem like a time that would be free of stress; however there are many overlooked stressors unique to this age group. The loss of memory and development of chronic disease can be stressful for any person and due to the health risks involved, the stress is even greater. Loss of weight, change in routines and inability to be as active as you were during your younger years can also bring about stress.

Depression and loneliness are also common issues to this age group. The loss of loved ones and friends can be extremely stressful and difficult for anyone to deal with. Many older adults who have not developed good coping skills or who have not prepared to deal with the changes that come with aging may exhibit signs and symptoms of depression. Seniors often become isolated and do not talk about their feelings of depression with their primary physician, who is mainly concerned with their physical well-being. Instead they keep it to themselves, which can cause great deals of stress.


Behavorial Health Conditions



Stress and Stress Management