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Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program


Lead Poisoning Prevention

The elimination of childhood lead poisoning has been one of the most effective public health campaigns of the 21st century, but much work remains to be done. The Arizona Department of Health Services (ADHS) remains committed to preventing new cases of childhood lead poisoning from occurring, providing excellent case management to children with elevated blood lead levels, and safeguarding the health of Arizona's children as a whole.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) is integrating Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Programs (CLPPP) into a new initiative called Healthy Homes. By incorporating lead poisoning prevention into Healthy Homes programs, home inspectors will be able to identify multiple housing related health hazards, not just potential sources for lead poisoning, in a single home visit. The ADHS Office of Environmental Health has been awarded funding to launch an Arizona Healthy Homes Program (AZHHP).

ADHS' CLPPP has been integrated into the new AZHHP. We will continue to provide past CLPPP services, including childhood lead poisoning prevention, case management, environmental investigations and collaboration with statewide stakeholders, as part of the AZHHP.